Approved CPD List


The following members have demonstrated that they have been maintaining their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by producing their records to the Institute. For more details of CPD please click here.

Membership NumberNameYears shown (max 3 yrs)
M35Mr Paul Croft
M099Mr James Keenan2015 2016 2017
M182Mr Jonathan Stubbs2015 2016 2017
M593Mr Ian White2015 2016
M603Mr Bob Wagstaff2015 2016
M628Mr William Saynor
M677Mr Robert Elliott2016
M691Mr Bob Seston2015 2016 2017
M756Mr Alan Clayton
M1085Mr Paul M Robbins
M1201Mr Dave Burgess2015 2016
M1242Mr Mark Littler
M1508Mr Kevin Carter2015 2016
M1580Mr Stephen Pearson2015 2016
M1593Mr Andrew Slark2015 2016
M1653Mr Paul Harris2016
M1673Mr Stephen Cash
M1674Mr Andrew Smith2015
M1745Mr Dean Beaumont
M1746Mr Sean Wakeman2015 2016
M1751Mr James Nobbs2015
M1756Mr Mark Weaver2015 2016
M1769Mr David Watson
M1774Mr Andrew Grigg2015
M1776Mr Mark Myers2015 2016
M1808Mr Paul Moorcroft2015
M1847Mr Andrew Fletcher2015 2016
M1884Mr Fredi Herskovici2014
M1895Mr Lee Smart2015