Conference 2017

12th International Conference and Crash Test & Research Day

Sponsored by Leica Geosystems



The Institute is extremely pleased to announce that Leica Geosystems have agreed to be the headline sponsor of our flagship event for 2017, which will take place from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th June.

The Crash Test and Research Day will take place on Thursday 22nd June at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground situated in Leicestershire.  As a result of the sponsorship provided by Leica Geosystems, for which the Institute is extremely grateful, attendance at this event will be free of charge.

As of 11th June this day is FULLY BOOKED

The format of the day will be similar to previous years but it is planned to extend the range of tests and delegate participation events.  There will be two crash test areas.  The main runway will be used for the higher speed crash tests.  The National Salvage Group will be providing a larger number of vehicles for the crash tests, including a lorry.  It is intended to have more variation in the crash tests undertaken with less repetition.

The second crash test area will be used for low speed tests, which in 2016 proved of particular interest to some members of the Institute and delegates from the insurance industry concerned with injuries sustained in low speed impacts.  This area of research will include use of the Bosch CDR tool to download data from vehicle ECUs.

The delegate participation events will include driving large goods vehicles fitted with the latest safety systems designed to reduce conflict with cyclists and pedestrians.  There will also be opportunities to drive a range of specialist vehicles, such as LGVs, buses, recovery vehicles, and a fire engine.  It is also planned to have an area where delegates can drive vehicles with
underinflated tyres and an opportunity to experience cars fitted with advanced driver assistance systems.  Volvo are also planning to provide an autonomous vehicle for this event.

Leica Geosystems will use a variety of reality capture methods to provide highly accurate mapping data of the crash tests (pre and post-crash).  They will also have an exhibition area and will be present throughout the day to provide demonstrations, discussion and advice on their survey technology portfolio.  This will include the very latest survey technology and mapping tools for collision reconstruction and crime scene investigation, including Laser Scanning solutions, Mobile Mapping solutions (vehicle and body-mounted), UAV’s, Total Stations, GNSS Receivers and the Leica IMS360 suite of software.

You can download the programme << HERE >>, a printed copy will be provided when you arrive also.

The conference will take place on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June at the Jury’s Inn Hinckley Island Hotel, also in Leicestershire.  This conference is aimed at Collision Investigators working for the police service, private companies, or in private practice, as well as motor vehicle engineers and other specialists concerned with the investigation of road traffic collisions.

The main themes of this conference will be Autonomous Vehicles and CCTV Calibration and Analysis.  Richard Cuerden, Chief Scientist, Transport Research Laboratory will be the keynote speaker on the subject of autonomous vehicles.  There will also be a presentation from Kevin Meeks of Volvo Cars on the development and status of the ‘Drive Me London’ autonomous driving pilot project.

The lead speakers on the subject of CCTV analysis will be Mark Crouch and Steve Cash, who will be known to many.  It is also planned to have speakers from Poland, India and Hong Kong dealing with CCTV and Dash Cam evidence.

There will be a number of speakers from the Transport Research Laboratory on subjects such as collisions between LGVs and pedestrians/cyclists, the real world performance of cycle helmets, the dangers of dealing with hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the validity of Crash3 coefficients when applied to modern vehicles.

Carl Milton of Cemex will provide goods vehicles fitted with the latest safety systems for delegates to drive during the Bruntingthorpe event and will be speaking on the subject of reducing conflict between LGVs and cyclists/pedestrians during the conference.

Keith Lloyd of Continental Automotive Trading UK will deliver a presentation dealing with the changes to tachograph legislation being introduced in 2019, including the resulting changes to tachographs, also the latest Siemens Incident Data Recorder.

Chris Dunn of AITS will deal with the reliability of evidence obtained using the Bosch CDR tool and Martin Worrell of APD Communications will give a presentation dealing with the telematics data captured from the Institute’s 2016 crash test day.

Leica Geosystems will also be exhibiting throughout the Institute Conference

This conference is open to anyone interested in the content on a first come, first served basis.

All enquiries should be sent via e-mail to: