Assessment Process for AMITAI and MITAI

Assessment Process

The applicant must submit an application form providing the following information:

The names of two sponsors, one to be a full Member of ITAI.

  • Details of qualifications relevant to accident investigation.
  • Details of practice and experience in accident investigation.
  • A list of ten cases dealt with within the last three years, where an expert report was produced, which the applicant considers suitable for assessment.

The applicant should submit a précis of each case detailing the investigation undertaken.  It is expected that each précis will be less than half a typed A4 page.  From the list of ten files, two will be selected for assessment, with the option to request the applicant to provide a third file, where appropriate.

When the applicant has been informed of which two files have been selected for assessment, they should complete an additional briefing document relating to those files.  The purpose of this briefing document is to provide further information to assist with the assessment of the applicant’s expertise and experience.  The briefing document may deal with the following issues.

Police officers may deal with only part of an investigation on the instructions of a Senior Investigating Officer, or be instructed to produce an abbreviated report for the information of H.M. Coroner, where no criminal proceedings are being pursued.

Where a private practitioner or company employee is provided with specific terms of reference by an instructing solicitor, such instructions may inhibit them from investigating and reporting on all matters that they recognise are relevant to an investigation.  The briefing document provides the opportunity for the applicant to deal with those matters that were outside the scope of their instructions.

Another scenario is where an applicant working in the field of accident investigation is at an early stage in their career.  The ten files submitted for consideration may include investigations undertaken when they had less experience or prior to undertaking more advanced training courses.  The briefing document provides the opportunity for the applicant to explain how they would now investigate aspects of the submitted case, with their increased qualifications, expertise and experience.

There is no minimum length for such a briefing document, but it is expected that it will not exceed 2,500 words.  The layout of the briefing document is entirely at the applicant’s discretion.  The rationale for submission is simply to provide the applicant with an opportunity to further demonstrate their expertise and experience.


To maintain the status of the above grades of membership, their award will never be automatic.  Each application will be subject to a detailed assessment by a member of the panel of assessors.

The examination of the submitted case files will deal with the methodology employed in the investigations and the quality of the reports, particularly that the conclusions and expert opinion are capable of support by the available evidence, accepted scientific principles, published research and the author’s expertise and experience.