EVU Conference held at Edinburgh – October 2015

Author(s) Paper Title
Avenoso Road Safety Targets of the European Union
Knight & Avery Autonomous emergency braking systems
Holtkoetter Investigation of ESC-interventions
Moser Simulation of active safety systems
Gwehenberger Borrack Driver Safety Systems
Vertal Volvo safety system activation
Arnold Rollover accidents with articulated heavy goods vehicles
Steinmetz Current status on the safety of coaches
Kalthoff Motion analysis of occupants in side collisions
Glynn & Wood Pedestrian Speed from Vehicle Damage
Melcher et al Photogrammatic Reconstruction
Goddard Speedometer
Kolla Virtual human body model for PC-Crash
Windisch Moving speeds of Toddlers (reviewed by RL)
Richardson-Gaffney Bicyle Helmet DVE
Lahmer Helmets
Dima GPS Receivers
Muir Automotive Event Data Recorders - Accessibility Within EU
MacInnes et al Event data recorder use in Canada
White Normal Lane Change Manoeuvres on Motorways and Dual Carriageways
Cash Calc Veh Speed from Yaw Mark Analysis
Zebala Analysis of yaw marks deposited by the car's wheel with nominal and zero pressure
Broesdorf Tyre Contact Traces
Raz Influence of Misuse of Tyres
Micke, Glasner Tyre Regulations
Pfleger Viewing behaviour as an accident cause
Unarski Visibility at Night - Special Aspects
Gratzer Hazard Recognition Point of Moving Obstacles
Otte Characteristics of Accidents with elderly versus young Pedestrians in Germany
UK Government Instructor Stopping vehicles the hard way
Schimmelpfennig Safety Barrier Trials - Findings for Accident Analysis
Marra Use of LS-Dyna and PC Crash to predict roadside safety equipment behaviour
Moser, Richardson LS-Dyna and PC-Crash Finite Element Sims of 3 vehicle types lateral side impacts into poles