Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Learning is a life long experience and continues beyond initial qualification.  Increased knowledge can always improve performance and enhance role competence.

Development activities take many forms, with the principle being that they result in learning and development that is relevant to accident investigation.

CPD activity may be verifiable or non-verifiable; with verifiable being where a certificate or other form is produced by the activity provider, recognising participation and quoting a CPD value.

Non-verifiable CPD is where no certificate of attendance quoting a CPD value is issued and it is a matter for the individual to assess and record the relevance and development gained from any activity and the number of hours of CPD that should be claimed.

CPD may be achieved by attending or undertaking activities such as:

  • Courses, seminars, conferences, workshops or technical meetings organised by the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators or other professional and learned societies or bodies.
  • Distance learning courses or other supervised study packages
  • Technical authorship
  • Lecture preparation and presentation relevant to accident investigation, vehicle examination or allied subjects
  • Private study and research relevant to accident investigation in general or relating to a specific investigation
  • The study of books, journals or professional magazines.
  • Experience of new and developing technologies and techniques
  • Informal research and post-qualification studies

The above is not an exhaustive list.  It is expected that a submitted CPD portfolio will contain evidence from a number of the areas listed above; e.g. it is not acceptable for reading journals or publications to make up the bulk of an annual portfolio. All grades of members may be required to submit their CPD portfolio for review, using a ‘dip sample’ approach.

Since January 2014 it has been a requirement for all Members (MITAI) and Associate Members (AMITAI), whose grade of membership is considered a qualification, to demonstrate their continued professional development by undertaking and recording a minimum of 25 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per year, which should be complete and available for review from January of the year following the relevant year. The rationale for this requirement is to bring the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators into line with similar Institutes and professional bodies.

Those Members and Associate Members who, upon receiving a request to submit their CPD portfolio for review, do not do so, will receive a reminder letter at the end of March and again at the end of May. If CPD has not been submitted by 1st July, the post nominal letters MITAI or AMITAI should not be used in reports and correspondence; also these qualifications should not be referred to when giving live evidence, until CPD for the relevant year has been submitted.

Recording CPD