Recording CPD


The Institute provides a web-based tool for recording and maintaining a CPD portfolio, which is highly recommended to all members of the Institute.

Other Institutes and learned organisations provide similar web-based tools.  Where such organisations allow the production of a complete year’s CPD portfolio, submission in this format will be acceptable, providing it complies with the Institute’s criteria.

Where a member prefers to submit their CPD portfolio using ‘Word’ or ‘PDF’ format documents, this will also continue to be acceptable.

The following areas should be addressed in recording and presenting CPD.


Explain exactly what was involved in the activity, such as details of a test or experiment, topics of private or structured study, course content and details, as well as the purpose and results of ‘on the job’ research.


Describe how you found the activity to be relevant to your accident investigation and/or reconstruction role.  Whilst the relevance may be obvious to you, consider how another reader may interpret a particular activity.


Explain how or why this activity developed your knowledge or skills, taking into account your qualifications and previous professional experience.

Reflecting upon an activity and its relevance is an active process of reviewing the content and benefit to the individual and is particularly useful for capturing learning from informal or incidental activities, which may often form the greater part of a CPD portfolio.

Activity Time and CPD time

The number of hours engaged in the activity compared with the number of hours CPD claimed is a matter for the individual and will be dependent upon their previous knowledge or experience of a subject and the content and quality of the activity.

On occasions the Institute promotes events that may be allocated a specific CPD value and this can be entered directly into the member’s CPD portfolio.

In all other cases, simply transferring attendance time to CPD value is discouraged in favour of some explanation of the activity, its relevance and the professional development attained.

Whilst the CPD from one discipline may overlap that of another, due regard and explanation should be given to demonstrate that which is relevant to the Institute and the field of accident investigation and/or reconstruction.

ITAI require a minimum of 25 hours, it’s also quality not quantity that counts!

Useful documents: