Criteria For Membership Grades




    Affiliate / Student Associate Full Member
1 An interest in Road Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Y Y Y
2 Be of good repute Y Y Y
4 Membership grade recognised externally   Y Y
5 Subject to Institute's Professional Standards policy Y Y Y
7 Sponsors or Referees required   Y Y
8 Practical skills      
             Minimum of 12 months practical skills   Y  
             Minimum of 24 months practical skills     Y
9 Qualifications      
             Relevant qualifications   Y Y
             Non-relevant qualifications - adapted   Y Y
10 Continuing Professional Development      
             24 months of CPD   Y Y
11 Reports / Papers for assessment   Y Y
12 2500 word essay     Y
13 Application subject to assessment   Y Y

The Grades Assessment Team may vary the application criteria, where, in exceptional instances, it is appropriate to accommodate the vagaries of individual applicant’s circumstances.

Applications may be made direct to any grade of membership. However, where an assessment is involved and it is considered the applicant does not achieve the requirements of that level, they will be recommended for another grade of membership. Feedback of the traits required to achieve a higher grade will be provided. Re-application will not usually be accepted less than 12 months from completion of the initial assessment.