2nd International Conference held at Plymouth – November 1995

Paper Title Authors
1 Interpretation of Injuries in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction G C A Fernando
2 Reconstructions of the Collisions Staged at the Field Day at Norwich R Smith
3 The A1(M) Accident, February 1992 J C Greetham & D Packman
4 A Comparison of Current Skid Test Techniques D J Hague, R F Lambourn & D F Turner
5 Automated Accident Reporting and Recording - A Look into the Future N Ayland & L Pickup
6 The Investigation into the Clapham Junction Railway Accident of 12 December 1988 A D Thompson
7 Accident Investigation and the Coroner J D Bruce
8 "There's going to be a fatal here one day" P E Forman
9 "To cross or not to cross" A P Rigbye & A B Daniel
10 Driver Emergency Braking Behaviour P Martin
11 Are You a Competent Accident Investigator? The Role of NVQs in Road Accident Investigation D Rudram
12 An Affordable Computer-Based Method for Visibility Reconstuction J A C Horsfall