4th International Conference held at Telford – November 1999

1Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles in the United KingdomI Knight
2The UDS Accident Data Recorder and MoreK Lloyd
3A Modern Light Rail System and the Interaction with Normal Tyres VehiclesM Logan
4The Time Precise Evaluation of Tachograph ChartsW Hugemann
5Determination of a Vehicle's Speed at the Start of Emergency BrakingD Hague
6The Effect of Age and Defective Normal Vision upon Performance on an Internet Dynamic Visual Attention TestN Phelps
7Highways Liability - Understanding the IssuesP E Forman
8The Development of Roadside Impairment Testing for DriversD Rowe
9Trauma Involvment as a Factor in Eye-Witness AccountsT Foster
10Equations of Speed, Time and Distance for Vehicles under Maximum AccelerationJ Searle
11Comparison of Measurement Methodologies for Estimation of Change in Speed from Vehicle DamageD Turner
12Using 3-Dimensional Simulation in Vehicle Design and Highway SafetyJ Canova
13Anatomy of the Collision - Variations on a ThemeG M Bonnett
14Analysis of the Vehicle-Pole Crash by means of EES ParameterJ Unarski & J Zebala
15The Slippery Tape (Case Study)K Holloway
16Seeing but not Perceiving (Two Case Studies)S Gurnett
17An Analysis of "Looked but did not See" Accidents Involving Parked Police VehiclesM Langham
18The Technical Proof of Faked AccidentsM Weber
19Forensic Damage Analysis for Fraud Detection and Evidence Gathering to Prove Criminal FraudR Mill