5th International Conference held at York – November 2001

1Accidents and the Reasonable DriverR & P Vaughan
2ACPO Road Investigation ManualA Grenter
3The New 'OnTthe Spot' Accident Investigation ProjectP E Forman & J Hill
4Data Collection at Major Incident Scenes Using Three Dimensional Laser Scanning TechniquesP E Forman & I Parry
5How Reliable are Eyewitnesses? D Wright
6Driver's Use of Horn in an Emergency Situation: Expectation v RealityT Foster
7Supporting Programs for Road Accident AnalysisJ Unarski, W Wach, J Wiercinski & D Rudram
8Collision with Emerging Vehicles - A Momentum AnalysisR Smith
9Minimum Distance Required for a Vehicle to Overtake and Regain its Correct Side of the RoadA Moore
10Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes Involving Mechanical FailuresJ Brooking
11Detecting Pedestrian Contact with a VehicleJ Webb
12Importance of Speed-Related Traces on the Scene for Determination of Collision Speed in Pedestrian AccidentsD Otte
13Calculation of Impact Speed from Pedestrian Slide DistanceD Hague
14Factors that Influence Driver Reaction Times on PC-based TestN Phelps
15Evaluation of the Influence of Several Variables upon Driver Perception Response TimesJ Muttart
16Airbags - The Price of Safety: The Impact on Immediate Medical Care at the RoadsideP Noble-Matthews
17Investigating Compatibility In Real World ImpactsN Byard
18Experts' Reports: No Use to Anyone. Discussion Between Experts: An Invitation to CompromiseG Owen
19Automobile Event Data Recorders (EDR) TechnologyW R Haight