7th International Conference held at Dunblane – November 2005

1Plastic Fusion - A Case StudyR Palmer
2Evidential Use of Digital CCTVA Wooller
3The Application of MADYMO in Kinematic Reconstructions - Fatal Rollover StudyM Brown & S Edwards
4Blameworthiness Perception of Fault in Motorcycle CollisionsJ Newby & A Jones
5Technical Parameters for Determination of Impact Speed for Motor Cycle Accidents Based on Throw Distance EquationsD Otte
6"Slippery when Dry?" - Low Dry Friction and Binder-Rich Road SurfacesJ Bullas
7Friction Tests on Contaminated Road SurfacesR Lambourn
8SMA and Thin Surfacings - Skid Resistance in Early LifeP Roe
9Developing Guide Lines for a Best Practices Qualification of Accident Analysts Across Europe - The EVU's 'QUERY' ProjectM Weber
10Photogrammetric Measurement of Motor Vehicle Crush DepthF Coyle
11Digital Photo & Video Editing in Accident ReconstructionW Hugemann
123D Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry and Forensic Methods in Accident Reconstruction - A Case StudyJ Arnold
13Frontal Generic Stiffness Coefficients and CRASH3 AnalysisD Hague
14Changes in Steel Construction of Motor Vehicles & Importance of RepairI White
15Validation of Aspects of the HVE Simulation Program 30I Parry
16The Evolving Role of Collision InvestigatorsS Labett