Next General Meeting

Notification of a General Meeting to be held at St John’s Hotel, 651, Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT

On Wednesday 30th May 2018

Tea/coffee will be available from 13:30. The meeting will be preceded by three presentations from 14:00:

  • The Path to Professional Registration – Richard Hayes (Chief Executive) & Chris Dobson (Qualifications & Membership manager) (Institute of Highway Engineers)
  • Fatal Distraction – Roadside Distractions – Nick Newton (Associate Trainer) (Traffic Management & Safety Ltd)
  • Live Streaming – How the mobile phone has become our new road safety challenge – Neil Dewson-Smyth (Cheshire Police)

CPD Value – 1.5 hours

The general business meeting will commence after 16:00 and will include consideration of a Special Resolution (see overleaf)

There is no charge for attending this event

Refreshments will be available and all those attending are asked to please notify the General Secretary of their intention by sending an e-mail to in order that the correct numbers can be catered for.

Any additional information or updates to the above will be shown on the ITAI website where the draft minutes for the 2017 GM can be found.


  1. Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Approval of Minutes for previous meeting 2017
  4. Consideration of a Special Resolution
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Events
  8. GDPR
  9. Any other business

During the General Meeting to be held on 30th May 2018, the following business will be transacted:


To consider and amend the wording of Article 21 of the articles of association of the Company that was accepted and adopted by the members on 8th March 2017.  The wording of Article 21 requires to be updated to include reference to current documents and aligned with current procedures and practices.  Therefore, the following special resolution will be considered by the members at the general meeting:


That Article 21 of the articles of association of the Company, currently entitled ‘Rules or Bye Laws’, require amending and updating are hereby amended by the removal of the word ‘or’ from the heading and where appropriate, from the body of the Article; and, where appropriate, include the additional reference to current documents, i.e. ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Discipline Code’. 

By order of the Board
Robert J Seston
Company secretary
Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
Column House, London Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6NN, UK
Dated: 08.05.2018

The proposed amendments and updates to Article 21 of the ITAI articles of association are highlighted in the extract below:

[key: red/strikethrough = to be deleted; blue = to be added]


21.1 The Council may from time to time make such rules, or bye laws, code of conduct and discipline code as it may deem necessary or expedient or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the Company and for the purposes of prescribing classes of and conditions of membership, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, it may by such rules, or bye laws, code of conduct and discipline code regulate: –

(i)   The admission and classification of members, the rights and privileges of members, the conditions of membership, the terms on which members may resign or have their membership terminated and the entrance fees, subscriptions and other fees or payments to be made by members;

(ii)   The conduct of members in relation to one another, and to the Company’s servants, and to society in general;

(iii) The setting aside of the whole or any part or parts of the Company’s premises at any particular time or times or for any particular purpose or purposes;

(iv) The procedure at general meetings and meetings of the Council and Committees of the Council in so far as such procedure is not regulated by these Articles; and

(v)   Generally, all such matters as are commonly the subject matter of Company rules.


21.2 The members shall have power to alter or repeal the rules, or bye laws, code of conduct and discipline code and to make additions thereto and the Council shall adopt such means as they deem sufficient to bring to the notice of members all such rules, or bye laws, code of conduct and discipline code, which so long as they shall be in force, shall be binding on all members provided, nevertheless, that no rule, or bye law, code of conduct and discipline code shall be inconsistent with, or shall affect or repeal anything contained in, the Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association.