Individual Papers (PDF Only)

  • 1993 (12)

    1st International Conference held at Hull – November 1993

    Paper Title Authors
    1 The Spy in the Cab. The Double Agent - Or is it only the tachograph going round in circles? J Martin
    2 The Ford Air Bag System J Charles
    3 Drive and Survive: Photographic Enforcement D Morris & PC K Duncan
    4 Collision Case Study D Hance & R Selzer
    5 CAD Drawing Through to Vitual Reality S T Robinson
    6 The Influence of Active System on Vehicle Safety D Burke
    7 Enhancement of Evidential Video Pictures M Flockhart & B Rey
    8 Forensic Meteorology - The Use of Weather Data in Traffic Accident Cases J Greetham
    9 A Synopsis of Technological Developments to Improve the Restraint of Adult Automotive Occupants P Longland
    10 Accident Investigation in General Aviation A Simmons
    11 Front Underrun Guards for Lorries and Handling Test on Four Wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicles B S Riley
    12 Tyre/Speed - Are they Important? J Manderson
  • 1995 (12)

    2nd International Conference held at Plymouth – November 1995

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Interpretation of Injuries in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction G C A Fernando
    2 Reconstructions of the Collisions Staged at the Field Day at Norwich R Smith
    3 The A1(M) Accident, February 1992 J C Greetham & D Packman
    4 A Comparison of Current Skid Test Techniques D J Hague, R F Lambourn & D F Turner
    5 Automated Accident Reporting and Recording - A Look into the Future N Ayland & L Pickup
    6 The Investigation into the Clapham Junction Railway Accident of 12 December 1988 A D Thompson
    7 Accident Investigation and the Coroner J D Bruce
    8 "There's going to be a fatal here one day" P E Forman
    9 "To cross or not to cross" A P Rigbye & A B Daniel
    10 Driver Emergency Braking Behaviour P Martin
    11 Are You a Competent Accident Investigator? The Role of NVQs in Road Accident Investigation D Rudram
    12 An Affordable Computer-Based Method for Visibility Reconstuction J A C Horsfall
  • 1997 (15)

    3rd International Conference held at Telford – November 1997

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Dart Out Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: Calculating Times and Safe Speeds R Vaughan
    2 Some Factors Affecting Drivers' Reaction Times G Hole & M Langham
    3 Driver Perception-Response Time P Olson
    4 Large Goods Vehicle Accidents P Moore
    5 A Comparison of Different Vehicles Regarding their Brake Behaviour H Steffan, A Moser & G Kasnisky
    6 The Tachograph: an Independent Witness? K Lloyd
    7 Tyre Manufacture and Components G Newland
    8 Motorcycle Wobble and Weave R Sharp
    9 Critical Speed Studies D Hague, R Lambourn, S Maynard, D Turner & A Williams
    10 Reducing Accidents to Children in Salford: a Multi-Disciplinary Approach & Completing the Picture of Children's Road Traffic Accidents in Salford H Claxton & S Cooper
    11 An Analysis of Existing Data on Adult Pedestrian Walking Speeds & Factors Affecting the Interaction of Pedestrians with Roads G Greatrix & J Smithies
    12 Ice, Frost, Snow and Highway Winter Maintenance A Runacres
    13 Establishing Visibility Distance at Night J Unarski, W Wach & J Zebala
    14 Seat Belt Systems: What they do and what they leave behind S Parkin
    15 Seat Belts and Airbags: Effectiveness and Limitations J Hill
  • 1999 (19)

    4th International Conference held at Telford – November 1999

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles in the United Kingdom I Knight
    2 The UDS Accident Data Recorder and More K Lloyd
    3 A Modern Light Rail System and the Interaction with Normal Tyres Vehicles M Logan
    4 The Time Precise Evaluation of Tachograph Charts W Hugemann
    5 Determination of a Vehicle's Speed at the Start of Emergency Braking D Hague
    6 The Effect of Age and Defective Normal Vision upon Performance on an Internet Dynamic Visual Attention Test N Phelps
    7 Highways Liability - Understanding the Issues P E Forman
    8 The Development of Roadside Impairment Testing for Drivers D Rowe
    9 Trauma Involvment as a Factor in Eye-Witness Accounts T Foster
    10 Equations of Speed, Time and Distance for Vehicles under Maximum Acceleration J Searle
    11 Comparison of Measurement Methodologies for Estimation of Change in Speed from Vehicle Damage D Turner
    12 Using 3-Dimensional Simulation in Vehicle Design and Highway Safety J Canova
    13 Anatomy of the Collision - Variations on a Theme G M Bonnett
    14 Analysis of the Vehicle-Pole Crash by means of EES Parameter J Unarski & J Zebala
    15 The Slippery Tape (Case Study) K Holloway
    16 Seeing but not Perceiving (Two Case Studies) S Gurnett
    17 An Analysis of "Looked but did not See" Accidents Involving Parked Police Vehicles M Langham
    18 The Technical Proof of Faked Accidents M Weber
    19 Forensic Damage Analysis for Fraud Detection and Evidence Gathering to Prove Criminal Fraud R Mill
  • 2001 (19)

    5th International Conference held at York – November 2001

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Accidents and the Reasonable Driver R & P Vaughan
    2 ACPO Road Investigation Manual A Grenter
    3 The New 'OnTthe Spot' Accident Investigation Project P E Forman & J Hill
    4 Data Collection at Major Incident Scenes Using Three Dimensional Laser Scanning Techniques P E Forman & I Parry
    5 How Reliable are Eyewitnesses?  D Wright
    6 Driver's Use of Horn in an Emergency Situation: Expectation v Reality T Foster
    7 Supporting Programs for Road Accident Analysis J Unarski, W Wach, J Wiercinski & D Rudram
    8 Collision with Emerging Vehicles - A Momentum Analysis R Smith
    9 Minimum Distance Required for a Vehicle to Overtake and Regain its Correct Side of the Road A Moore
    10 Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes Involving Mechanical Failures J Brooking
    11 Detecting Pedestrian Contact with a Vehicle J Webb
    12 Importance of Speed-Related Traces on the Scene for Determination of Collision Speed in Pedestrian Accidents D Otte
    13 Calculation of Impact Speed from Pedestrian Slide Distance D Hague
    14 Factors that Influence Driver Reaction Times on PC-based Test N Phelps
    15 Evaluation of the Influence of Several Variables upon Driver Perception Response Times J Muttart
    16 Airbags - The Price of Safety: The Impact on Immediate Medical Care at the Roadside P Noble-Matthews
    17 Investigating Compatibility In Real World Impacts N Byard
    18 Experts' Reports: No Use to Anyone. Discussion Between Experts: An Invitation to Compromise G Owen
    19 Automobile Event Data Recorders (EDR) Technology W R Haight
  • 2003 (26)

    6th International Conference held at Stratford-upon-Avon – September 2003

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid Resistance P Roe
    2 Surface Scratching the Yields Results R Hogg
    3 Contaminated Road Surfaces G Poole
    4 The Analysis of Video Recordings as an Investigative Tool in Criminal Offences and Road Traffic Collisions A Wooller
    5 Determination of Vehicle Speed and Traffic Signal Phasing from CCTV Images D Hague & D Compton
    6 The Benefits and Costs of Road Safety Audits P Jordan
    7 Disaster in the Gotthard Tunnel J Arnold
    8 Accuracy and Precision of Equations F Navin
    9 Accuracy of Close Range Photogrammetry in Investigation of Low Speed Collisions F Coyle
    10 ITS and Police Investigations - Do Collision Investigators have a Future? J Hammond & A Rooke
    11 Primary New Car Assessment Programme I Knight
    12 Modeling of ABS J Canova
    13 Legal Issues of In-Vehicle Telematics D Faithful
    14 Analysis of Real World Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Collisions T Stevenson & J Raine
    15 Case Study - False Claim Against Metropolitan Police/Fraudulent Repair B Shardlow
    16 Intrusion Resistance Glazing Contribution to Vehicle Occupant Safety A Hassan
    17 Frontal Pole Impacts - Calculation of Impact Speed D Hague & D Disbury
    18 The Case for Crash Investigation - Child Seat I Paine
    19 The Risk of Car Occupant Spinal Injury by Crash Type and Severity R Cuerden
    20 Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid Resistance G Owen
    21 Longitudinal and Lateral Accelerations in Normal Driving W Hugemann
    22 Comparison of Measured Lateral Accelerations on Heavy Trucks with Calculated Rollover Threshold Values - An Input to Accident Reconstruction F Wilson
    23 Articulated Truck Rollover F Navin
    24 Impact Location Analysis Using Indirect Methods C Marks
    25 Contacts Between Passenger Cars Driving in Parallel Traffic M Weber
    26 Suggested Practices for Estimating Driver Response Times J Muttart
  • 2005 (16)

    7th International Conference held at Dunblane – November 2005

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Plastic Fusion - A Case Study R Palmer
    2 Evidential Use of Digital CCTV A Wooller
    3 The Application of MADYMO in Kinematic Reconstructions - Fatal Rollover Study M Brown & S Edwards
    4 Blameworthiness Perception of Fault in Motorcycle Collisions J Newby & A Jones
    5 Technical Parameters for Determination of Impact Speed for Motor Cycle Accidents Based on Throw Distance Equations D Otte
    6 "Slippery when Dry?" - Low Dry Friction and Binder-Rich Road Surfaces J Bullas
    7 Friction Tests on Contaminated Road Surfaces R Lambourn
    8 SMA and Thin Surfacings - Skid Resistance in Early Life P Roe
    9 Developing Guide Lines for a Best Practices Qualification of Accident Analysts Across Europe - The EVU's 'QUERY' Project M Weber
    10 Photogrammetric Measurement of Motor Vehicle Crush Depth F Coyle
    11 Digital Photo & Video Editing in Accident Reconstruction W Hugemann
    12 3D Scanning, 3D Photogrammetry and Forensic Methods in Accident Reconstruction - A Case Study J Arnold
    13 Frontal Generic Stiffness Coefficients and CRASH3 Analysis D Hague
    14 Changes in Steel Construction of Motor Vehicles & Importance of Repair I White
    15 Validation of Aspects of the HVE Simulation Program 30 I Parry
    16 The Evolving Role of Collision Investigators S Labett
  • 2007 (16)

    8th International Conference held at Watford – November 2007

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Reconstruction of Multi Vehicle Collisions on Highways and in Highway Tunnels: Combining Forensic Evidence Examination, 3D-Scanning and 3D-Photogrammetry and Numerical Accident Reconstruction Methods J Arnold
    2 An Introduction to Digital Photography for Collision Investigators A Sinfield
    3 Reconstruction of a Rollover Ejection Case Using Vehicle Dynamics and Occupant Simulation with Human Body Models M Brown, M Jones & A Hamilton
    4 Braking and Manoeuvring Characteristics of Incorrectly Inflated Low-Profile and Run-Flat Tyres C Grover, R F Lambourn, T L Smith & L Waller
    5 Using Restitution in Collision Impact Analysis C Marks
    6 Expert Witness Training M Solon
    7 Eyewitness Testimony, the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly: Can Improving Our Reporting Improve the Quality of the Testimony? K Jackson & M Langham
    8 Analysis of Driver Attitudes and Behaviour in Road Traffic Accident Investigation L Dorn
    9 Vehicle Tracking & Vehicle CCTV I Hodges
    10 Investigating Fraud ‘2007’ D F P Harris
    11 Accident Reconstruction by the Visual Comparison with Crash Tests W Kalthoff
    12 Coincidence – the Absolute Certainty when Collisions Occur C Marks
    13 The Effects of Mobile Phone Use While Driving G Hole, G Briggs & M Land
    14 Digital Tachographs K Lloyd
    15 Changes in Braking Deceleration and Driving Behaviour of Heavily Loaded Delivery Vans M Weber
    16 Slippery when Dry? The Truth (and the Friction) Behind the Dry Frictional Properties of Negative Textured Bituminous Road Surfaces J C Bullas
  • 2009 (22)

    9th International Conference held at Hinkley Island – Septmber 2009

    Paper Title Authors
    1 Evaluating Driver Response and Ability to Avoid a Crash at Night J Muttart
    2 Blink Analyses and Driver Attention E Pfleger
    3 Night Visibility with new Kinds of Light Bulbs, including Snow-covered Roads A Reza, P Ciepka & J Unarski
    4 Standard Digital SLR Cameras for Luminance Measurements in the Mesopic Range D Wuller
    5 Practical Examples of Visual Perception Problems in Night-time Accidents K Schmedding
    6 On-site Luminance Measurements by Means of a Digital Camera T Hoger
    7 Use of HDR Images in the Investigation of Nighttime Accidents C Hittinger
    8 Clarification of a Night-Time Pedestrian Accident by CCTV Video taken from a Passing Bus J Brooking
    9 Movement of the Human Body versus Dummy after the Collision A Moser
    10 New Partial Overlap Pedestrian Impact Tests G Kasanický & P Kohút:
    11 Model Based Head Injury Criteria – Application to Head Injury Prediction R Willinger & C Deck
    12 An Internet Database for Damage Patterns caused by Impacts on Animals A Kruse
    13 Driver Identification by Means of Residues from the Airbag Propellant G Paduraru
    14 Full-Scale Rollover Testing of Commercial Cargo-Tank Vehicles C Winkler
    15 Tilt-Over Risks with Tricycles H-B Schmiedmayer & H Ecker
    16 An Improved Wheel Suspension Model for PC-Crash for Rollover Simulation M Plank
    17 Reconstruction of a Typical Rollover Accident due to Speeding J Arnold & M Braun
    18 Yaw Tests on Pavement, Gravel, and Grass with ESC and ABS Braking W Bartlett & W Wright
    19 Critical Speed Yaw Mark Calculations with and without Electronic Stability Control R Lambourn
    20 Motorcycle Capsize Mechanisms and Confidence Limits for Motorcycle Capsize Speeds from Slide/Bounce Distance D Walsh & D Wood
    21 High-Speed Impact Tests on Highway Safety Fences M Becke
    22 Application of Video-aided Mapping in Verifying Signal Violation – A Case in Taiwan T Hugh Woo
  • 2011 (17)


    The Human Controller Paul Olson
    Verification of a Crash Back Simulation by Reference to Real
    Time Video Footage
    Ian White
    Introduction To Bayes Theorem Christopher Marks
    Application of GPS Data in Collision Reconstruction Daniel Melcher
    Driving A Car With A Body Wedged Underneath Richard Lambourn
    Falling Asleep At The Wheel Jim horne
    Reconstruction of an accidentally video recorded 'accident.' Jörg Arnold
    Bayesian networks for hypothesis assessment in road accident
    Wojciech Wach
    A Review of Speedometers and the Criteria to be considered
    Before Accepting ‘Frozen’ Readings and Other Marks
    Christopher Goddard & David Price
    Vehicle Event Data Recorder Validation: A Case Study 2010 Martin Coyne
    Analysis of Traffic Accidents Statistics between Countries of
    Different Contents
    Nabhan Khatib
    An Overview of Traffic Engineering Principles Dave Daubert
    The Importance of Holistic Investigation into Fatal and Life-
    Threatening Road Traffic Collisions
    Alexandra Luck
    Braking Deceleration and Starting Acceleration of Modern
    Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters
    Stephan Schal
    Event Data Recording In Europe Ralf-Roland Schmidt-Cotta
    The Bosch Collision Data Retrieval Tool A Practical Validation
    with a Chrysler 300
    Tony Read
    Correcting Lens Distortions in Digital Photographs Wolfgang Hugemann
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