Jonathan Stubbs

Projects and Development

Jonathan joined the police service, soon becoming interested in the discipline and science of accident investigation.  He underwent training and became a full-time accident investigator in 1981.  Seven years later, in 1988, he was proud to be a founder member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.  After leaving the police service, Jonathan was employed by TRL before setting up his own accident investigation practice.  His qualifications include a variety of awards from both the UK and the USA.  He is also a member of several other professional bodies, albeit that this Institute is closest to his heart.

Jonathan has a history of service with the Institute: as an Area Representative; as an elected member of Council; as Treasurer and Chairman.  His profile was published in “Impact” Vol. 4, No. 4 of 1995.  Jonathan remains dedicated to furthering the Institute’s interests in any way that he is able.  Additionally, he is keen to offer any assistance and advice to individual members and to other interested persons; please, just call him.