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3rd International Conference held at Telford – November 1997

Paper Title Authors
1 Dart Out Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: Calculating Times and Safe Speeds R Vaughan
2 Some Factors Affecting Drivers' Reaction Times G Hole & M Langham
3 Driver Perception-Response Time P Olson
4 Large Goods Vehicle Accidents P Moore
5 A Comparison of Different Vehicles Regarding their Brake Behaviour H Steffan, A Moser & G Kasnisky
6 The Tachograph: an Independent Witness? K Lloyd
7 Tyre Manufacture and Components G Newland
8 Motorcycle Wobble and Weave R Sharp
9 Critical Speed Studies D Hague, R Lambourn, S Maynard, D Turner & A Williams
10 Reducing Accidents to Children in Salford: a Multi-Disciplinary Approach & Completing the Picture of Children's Road Traffic Accidents in Salford H Claxton & S Cooper
11 An Analysis of Existing Data on Adult Pedestrian Walking Speeds & Factors Affecting the Interaction of Pedestrians with Roads G Greatrix & J Smithies
12 Ice, Frost, Snow and Highway Winter Maintenance A Runacres
13 Establishing Visibility Distance at Night J Unarski, W Wach & J Zebala
14 Seat Belt Systems: What they do and what they leave behind S Parkin
15 Seat Belts and Airbags: Effectiveness and Limitations J Hill

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