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5th International Conference held at York – November 2001

Paper Title Authors
1 Accidents and the Reasonable Driver R & P Vaughan
2 ACPO Road Investigation Manual A Grenter
3 The New 'On the Spot' Accident Investigation Project P E Forman & J Hill
4 Data Collection at Major Incident Scenes Using Three Dimensional Laser Scanning Techniques P E Forman & I Parry
5 How Reliable are Eyewitnesses?  D Wright
6 Driver's Use of Horn in an Emergency Situation: Expectation v Reality T Foster
7 Supporting Programs for Road Accident Analysis J Unarski, W Wach, J Wiercinski & D Rudram
8 Collision with Emerging Vehicles - A Momentum Analysis R Smith
9 Minimum Distance Required for a Vehicle to Overtake and Regain its Correct Side of the Road A Moore
10 Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes Involving Mechanical Failures J Brooking
11 Detecting Pedestrian Contact with a Vehicle J Webb
12 Importance of Speed-Related Traces on the Scene for Determination of Collision Speed in Pedestrian Accidents D Otte
13 Calculation of Impact Speed from Pedestrian Slide Distance D Hague
14 Factors that Influence Driver Reaction Times on PC-based Test N Phelps
15 Evaluation of the Influence of Several Variables upon Driver Perception Response Times J Muttart
16 Airbags - The Price of Safety: The Impact on Immediate Medical Care at the Roadside P Noble-Matthews
17 Investigating Compatibility In Real World Impacts N Byard
18 Experts' Reports: No Use to Anyone. Discussion Between Experts: An Invitation to Compromise G Owen
19 Automobile Event Data Recorders (EDR) Technology W R Haight

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