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Changes to HGV and bus driving licences and tests from
15th November 2021

There will be changes to the way driving tests work for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and bus drivers from 15 November 2021. Find out how the changes affect you. More information on the Government web site.

New rules for towing a trailer with a car from
15th November 2021

There will be new rules about towing a trailer or caravan with a car from 15 November 2021. Find out how the changes affect you. More information on the Government web site.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS)

ITAI are represented on, and assist with, a number of PACTS groups.

The last Transport Safety Working Party was held on Thursday 23rd September, 2021, and covered a number of interesting subjects, council member Ian White as provided this summary:

Euro NCAP for Vans

Matthew Avery from Thatcham gave an interesting talk in Van Safety, where he contrasted the standard fitting of ADAS systems to cars to the lack of systems fitted to vans. 

NCAP have started 5 performance levels for vans, with most present vehicles falling into the non-recommended category.  The best 3 vans for having standard ADAS fittings were the VW Transporter, Ford Transit and the Mercedes Vito. 


The fatality rate on e-scooters appears to be 7 times higher than on bicycles.  63% of accidents are occurring with riders who have ridden an E-scooter for less than 9 times, and there have been 100 scooter injury crashes to date in the UK, of which 7 were fatal, and 42 were serious.

GSR ii – General Safety Regulations

A number of members spoke about GSR ii, where the UK is generating its own set of regulations to mirror the present EU rules, with certain modifications.  There is a time limit on the construction of the new GSR, which formed part of the Brexit Agreement with the EU. 

It is anticipated that in time GRS ii will be a higher standard for vehicle construction than the present EU rules. 

Online Event

Reducing Road Deaths among Young People

Online Event - 28 October 2021 - 14.30 - 16.30 CEST

This online event will explore how to reduce road deaths among young people, in particular in light of the upcoming revision of the EU Driving Licence Directive.

There will be a welcome by Elena Kountoura MEP and Tatsuya Namura of Toyota Motor Europe followed by presentations on:

  • Young people’s risky behaviour: the science behind it - Dr. Divera Twisk, Queensland University of Technology
  • Reducing road deaths among young people - findings of the forthcoming ETSC report - Jenny Carson, ETSC
  • How is the EU addressing the issue of young drivers? The revision of the EU driving licence directive – Claire Depré, European Commission
  • Presentation on Germany’s zero alcohol tolerance law for novice drivers and accompanied driving scheme - Jacqueline Lacroix and Kay Schulte, DVR
  • Presentation on Austria’s multiphase driving licence - Martin Winkelbauer, KFV
  • Presentation on Switzerland’s probationary period restrictions - Thomas Kramer, bfu

The event will end with a panel discussion exploring what can be done to improve young road user safety.

This event will be held in English using the Zoom platform. Connection details will be sent before the event to all participants.

Register <<HERE>>

News article

PACTS conference: Zero carbon and zero road deaths – does less traffic mean safer traffic?

This online conference [21st October 2021, 10:00 to 13:00] will be of interest to many in the road accident / collision investigation community.

Full details <<HERE>>

Contact, September 2021 [issue 148]

Certificate of Professional Competence In Forensic Collision Investigation

The Institute’s Certificate of Profes-sional Competence [CPC] process is now live, and we have already proc-essed and certificated several of our members.

There is obviously a cost involved with the CPC process and we have listened to feedback from some of our members who suggested we consider spreading the cost of the CPC over the 4 years it is in force.

The Council of Management has agreed the following:

  1. As an incentive for our members and those in the process of applying for Full Membership of the Institute there will be no charge for the first application for the CPC process if the application is re-ceived by the General Secretary before 31st December 2022. There-after all applications for CPC will be subject to payment in advance in ac-cordance with the fees as shown on page 6 in Impact Volume 28, No.3.
  2. Affiliates applying for a transfer to Full membership will be charged the current fee of £60.
  3. There will be no requirement for a Full Member to take Parts B and C of the CPC procedure. They can re-main a Full Member with the post-nominals MITAI.
  4. Those members who apply for CPC and are successful can use the postnominals MITAI (CPC) until its expiry at the end of 4 years or until re-application for CPC within the 4th year.
  5. After 31st December 2022 the cost for an initial application for CPC and for renewals thereafter will be £300, however, on successfully gain-ing their CPC, the member can choose to spread the cost in ad-vance over the following 4 years by increasing their annual membership from £70 to £145 per year or alterna-tively they can pay their annual membership at £70 and pay the £300 in full when they renew their CPC.

ITAI ‘Conference 2022’

The Institute is considering holding an on-line conference in November 2022. The conference would aim to present a broad and interesting programme around the discipline of collision investigation and reconstruction.

Authors who may wish to present a paper, or papers, are asked to provide an abstract (300 - 500 words) of the content as soon as possible, so that a full programme can be considered. Please include the following information with your submission - Title of the paper, Presenter’s details and any Co-authors (title, full name, organisation, postal address and telephone).

All submissions of papers and abstracts to:

Conference details would be circulated as soon as possible via our website.

E-Scooters : Research Project - A Call for the Institute’s Assistance

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has asked ITAI for assistance in a research project they are carrying out into the safety of private e-scooter use in the UK. The aim of the project is to collect data relating to incidents involving private e-scooters and to form recom-mendations for their construction and use.

The key elements of the project are:

  • to collect data on e-scooter collisions in the UK and publish this on our webpage Assessing the safety of private e-scooter use in the UK.
  • to gather information on the safety of private e-scooter use in the UK. Although this is almost entirely illegal and is happening on an increasingly large scale.
  • to compile information and recommendations for construction and use regulations.

Their methodology is essentially to draw on the data, information and expertise as well as litera-ture and internet information available.

With the assistance of ITAI and our members they hope we may be able to provide some information in response to the following questions, taken from their project topic guide:

  • Has research been undertaken into the dy-namics of collisions involving e-scooters ?
  • Is there research into the types of e-scooter accidents and their relative prevalence – eg. are falls more common than collisions with moving ve-hicles ?
  • How does design of the e-scooter affect the rider as a sole road user (including falls) ?
  • How does risk and type of injury of an e-scooter rider increase or alter relative to speed ?
  • What is the nature of e-scooter versus cycle incidents ?

They are also interested in riders falling from e-scooters and how those falls compare to riders of pedal cycles.

If you can assist, either contact me and I’ll pass your details to PACTS, or you can make direct contact with: Margaret Winchcomb, Senior Re-search and Policy Officer, PACTS, 07545 362587

Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety

78 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London SW1E 6PE (Working days : Monday - Thursday)

James Keenan

World Reconstruction Exposition [WREX] 2023 - Call For Papers

WREX 2023 will be hosted by 24 groups of international associations, including ITAI, and will feature many of the top international speakers in the ever-expanding field of colli-sion reconstruction.

The WREX 2023 organisers are currently in the process of reviewing potential speakers and presenters.

If you are interested in presenting, or have attended a presentation which you believe would be of interest for other collision reconstruction professionals, you are asked to contact William Camlin via email at with information so we may consider that presentation for this conference.

Alternatively, in the first instance, you may contact the General Secretary, Bob Seston, for further infor-mation at

WREX 2023 - Early Bird Booking

The proposed World Reconstruction EXposition remains fixed to occur between 17th & 21st April 2023 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Or-lando, Florida.

Registrations to attend the event are now being taken and over 580 people from around the world have already registered. WREX 2023 will include presentations from all the top Accident Reconstructionist, Commercial Motor Vehicle Experts, Human Factors Experts, UAV Ex-perts and more.

The WREX Committee is offering an early bird conference rate of $595.00 for those that choose to regis-ter prior to 1st April 2022. As an added discount, if you are a member of one of the participating organisa-tions (ITAI is one) the early bird fee is $495.00 for you. There is no cancellation fee, until you are within 45 days off the conference. Then the cancellation fee is $225.00.

As an incentive for early registration, all those who have registered prior to 29th September, 2021 will be entered into a draw and two individuals will ‘win’ their conference costs free of charge.

Lodging is available at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. The room rate for the conference is $159.00 per night and this rate is extended either side of the conference dates between 11th & 25th April 2023 for those who may wish to use the hotel as a base to explore further afield outside of the conference.

There is also a Call For Papers extended to anyone who may wish to present a paper to what is expected to be the largest audience of Collision Investigators ever gathered together at the same time. There are also sponsorship and exhibitor / vendor opportunities.

A link to the WREX website where registrations can be made is present on the home page of the Institute website, or go direct to

Any enquiries or questions can also be directed to the ITAI representative on the WREX organising com-mittee, Bob Seston, at

‘Distracted Driving’ Webinar

The Institute presented the first in an intended series of one-hour webinars on 15th September.

The presentation was by Dr Gemma Briggs on the topic of ‘What do we know about distracted driving, motivations, behaviours and consequences’ ? Gemma spoke about research that supports the fact that holding a conversation on a mobile telephone whilst driving, even hands-free, creates the inattentional blindness suffered by many drivers and which often leads to their involvement in road traffic collisions.

The presentation was extremely well received and another presentation from Gemma is fixed for 10:00am on Wednesday 17th November 2021. The exact details of the content will be posted onto the ITAI web-site very soon and registrations for the webinar will then be invited.

The Institute’s Council of Management will be looking to offer more one-hour webinars on various sub-jects and if any member feels they can offer a presentation, or indeed, would like a specific topic included in the future, please contact the General Secretary at

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