Upcoming events

    • 20 May 2024
    • 09:00
    • 24 May 2024
    • 17:00
    • Remote via Zoom

    The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators announce the provision of a training course in Advanced Analysis of Drivers’ Responses (Human Factors in Traffic Crashes), Presented by: Dr Jeffrey W. Muttart.

    To be held between 20th to 24nd May 2023, 09:00 to 17:00 BST [please ignore any error in the automated emails where the time might be shown as being in a different zone] . The course will be presented also as an online "webinar" using he 'Zoom' platform.

    This five-day training course will include training in various topics relative to human factors, including but not restricted to:

    • Perception-Response time
    • Response to slow-moving or stopped vehicles on multilane high speed roads
    • Night-time recognition
    • Drivers’ decision making
    • Interactive driver research in the areas of: speed choice (speed reduction) due to various influences/conditions; gap acceptance; pedestrian walking speeds; acceleration; forward and backward acceleration of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles; driver’s responses to green and amber traffic signals

    The students will receive five full days’ training and their knowledge will be tested at the end of the course. Students will be accredited with their attendance and the course will attract a minimum of 30 hours CPD.

    Charges cover training for the five days; a copy of the latest edition of Dr Muttart’s reference book ‘Drivers’ Responses in Emergency Situations’; and use of the ‘Response’ software (previously IDRR) for 7 days.

    • 29 May 2024
    • 12:00
    • Online, via Zoom

    Free Webinar - Obtaining and Assessing Velocity Registrations from iPhones

    Aart Spek is an engineer and has more than 25 years of experience in road accident reconstruction. The first case where he combined digital and physical traces dates back more than 17 years, and he helped in shaping this ‘hybrid approach’ by sharing several of his findings within the EVU-conferences.

    Found an iPhone aboard your case vehicle? It might well have recorded the drive up to the crash – velocities included! Aart has analyzed iPhone data in several cases and tested the data in experiments. He will explain how to obtain the data and, more importantly, how to assess its plausibility and accuracy.

    The webinar is on 29th May 2024 at 12:00 BST [please ignore any error in the automated emails where the time might be shown as being in a different zone

    • 6 Jun 2024
    • 09:00 - 17:00
    • Darley Moor, Derbyshire, DE6 2ET

    "Crash Day" from the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators

    June 2024 sees the return of our very successful research day where you will be able to attend - for free - and view many staged crashes. We are hoping to have a number of stands and some ''audience participation' events.

    So, book early to avoid disappointment, as when capacity is reached, we will have to stop accepting bookings.

    Rules of Attendance

    Your ticket will be issued on the understanding that you attend this event at your own risk. The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators can take no responsibility for any loss or injury to persons or property during the running of the 'crash day'.

    Your attendance at the events confirms your acceptance of the above and your agreement to follow the instructions of ITAI staff, organisers and council whilst at the event, included but not limited to vehicle parking and driving, routes to be walked and places to stand etc. 

    You will be required to attend the safety briefing at, or shortly after, 9am, at which guidance regarding the day will be given, and to which your attendance at the day confirms your agreement to abide with those instructions. 

    The anticipated list of crashes is: 

    09:15 Motorcycle into Car
    10:10 Car into Car
    11:05 Car into Lattice Mast
    12:00 Motorcycle into Car
    13:20 Ambulance into Telegraph Pole
    14:15 Motorcycle into Ambulance
    15:10 Car into Roadside Cabinet
    16:00 Car into Motorcycle moving
    Plus Staged Accident 

    Subject to vehicle and object availability 

    For a sample of what you might see, here is a compilation video from 2022: https://youtu.be/ciRL4qdOJC4

    There will also be a number of static displays, as well as numerous Exhibitors in the Marquee. 

Past events

3 Apr 2024 Free Webinar: The Unchallenged Acceptance of Road Tanker Accidents
25 Oct 2023 Free Webinar: Tyres as a causal factor in incidents
16 Oct 2023 5 Day Course - Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction
27 Sep 2023 From Collision to Conclusion: Efficient Approaches in Modern Accident Analysis
24 Jul 2023 Advanced Analysis of Drivers’ Responses (Human Factors in Traffic Crashes)
21 Jun 2023 Free Webinar - The integrity of Video Evidence – Why It Matters!
8 Jun 2023 The ITAI 'Crash Day'
15 May 2023 Free Webinar - "Learning from the Mistakes of Others" - Dr Jeffrey Muttart
8 Mar 2023 Free Webinar - Study into lane change manoeuvres by cyclists
18 Jan 2023 Free Webinar - Injury reconstruction with the new Biofidelic Dummy
2 Nov 2022 Free Webinar - A practical system for comparing E- Scooter behaviour with Bicycles in similar scenarios
14 Sep 2022 Webinar - The Situational Awareness of Distracted Drivers
13 Jul 2022 Free Webinar - Investigating Highly Automated Vehicle Collisions - Iwan Parry
9 Jun 2022 The ITAI 'Crash Day'
25 May 2022 Free Webinar - Extracting and understanding BMW’s ZFS-data - Aart Spek
27 Apr 2022 Free Webinar - "GNSS" in Accident Investigations
23 Mar 2022 Free Webinar - Portable and Economical 3D Documentation & Analysis - Tools for Collision Reconstruction
3 Feb 2022 Free Webinar - Scientific Methods to Evaluate a Driver’s Response - Dr Jeffrey Muttart
15 Dec 2021 Webinar - Photogrammetry
29 Nov 2021 5 Day Course - Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction
17 Nov 2021 Webinar - Measuring the effects of distraction on drivers: evidence of impairment and the challenges of communicating it
15 Sep 2021 Webinar - What do we know about distracted driving?: motivations, behaviours and consequences
14 Jun 2021 Biomechanics in Accident Reconstruction Course

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