Approved CPD List

The following members have demonstrated that they have been maintaining their Continued Professional Development (CPD) by producing their records to the Institute and have agreed for their CPD achievement to be displayed publicly.

It should be noted that there may be various reasons why members who have completed their CPD, have not disclosed details in the public domain. Any enquiries in relation to members who have chosen not to display CPD achievement publicly should be directed to the individual concerned.

For more details of CPD please click here.

* The individual was not a member of the Institute
 The individual has completed the minimum number of hours CPD required by the Institute, currently set at 25 Hours
 The minimum number of CPD hours have not been notified to the Institute for this year
Verification confirms the date that the CPD was last checked for accuracy by the Grades Assessor

Name Membership Grade 2017 2018 2019 2020 Verified
Armstrong, Adrian Full 02/01/2016
Baker, Charlie Full N/A
Bartlett, Wade Full 02/01/2020
Bettney, Nick Affiliate * N/A
Broadbent, Alan Full 24/08/2018
Burgess, Dave Full 27/04/2015
Clifford, Tony Affiliate * * * * N/A
Coley, Gary Full 02/01/2016
Corrigan, Michael Full 12/01/2018
Crosland, Alastair Full 02/01/2016
Davies, Gareth Full N/A
Dessouki-Harman, Steve Affiliate * * 24/09/2020
Downing, Nick Full * * * N/A
Elliott, Robert Brian Full 18/10/2018
Fletcher, Andrew Full 02/01/2016
Fyfe, Niall Affiliate * N/A
Jackson, Robert Full 18/10/2018
Keenan, James Full 02/08/2019
McKay, Paul Full N/A
Myers, Mark Full 01/01/2017
Pearson, Stephen Full 02/01/2016
Raker, Richard Full * * 24/09/2020
Scott, Forbes Full * 26/10/2020
Seston, Robert John Full 16/01/2018
Simpson, Lee Full 13/12/2018
Smart, Lee Full 01/01/2017
Spiller, Kevin Full 02/01/2016
Stacey, David Affiliate 02/01/2016
Stubbs, Jonathan Full 04/01/2020
Wagstaff, Robert George Full 12/01/2018
Weaver, Mark Full 18/01/2018
Webb, Jonathan Full 18/10/2018
West, Duncan Affiliate * N/A
White, Ian Full 12/01/2018
Youngs, Robin Full N/A

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