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    • 25 May 2022
    • 10:00
    • Online, via Zoom

    Free Webinar - Extracting and understanding BMW’s ZFS-data presented by Aart Spek

    Aart Spek is an engineer and has more than 25 years of experience in road accident reconstruction. The first case where he combined digital and physical traces dates more than 15 years back, and he helped shaping this ‘hybrid approach’ by sharing several of his findings within the EVU-conferences. Currently he chairs the EVU’s scientific committee.

    In this webinar Aart will explain how BMW allows Event Data extraction for several of its European market models, starting 2019 and up.

    For older vehicles it is often found that speed data in BMW’s unique “Central Fault Memory” – called “ZFS” – that was introduced in 2008. In this talk Aart will explain how ZFS-data differs from ordinary “freeze frame data”, where it originates from, how it is time stamped and why it’s more usable for accident reconstruction. He Will show how to extract it (basically by digging for certain files on your computer after an ISTA-readout) and will discuss the findings from his validation tests.

    The webinar is on 25th May 2022 at 10:00 BST [please ignore any error in the automated emails where the time might be shown as being in a different zone

    • 9 Jun 2022
    • 09:00 - 17:00
    • Darley Moor, Derbyshire, DE6 2ET

    "Crash Day" from the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators

    This June sees the return of our very successful research day where you will be able to attend - for free - and view many staged crashes. We are hoping to have a number of stands and some ''audience participation' events.

    This year will find us at a new venue, Darley Moor, the configuration of which will ensure different impacts than you would have seen before, if you have attended the 'pre covid' events.

    The event is outdoors and will follow all appropriate Government guidelines and will only be cancelled if required under those guidelines.

    As we get nearer more details of the day will be added to this description.

    So, book early to avoid disappointment, as when capacity is reached, we will have to stop accepting bookings.

    For a sample of what you might see, here is a high speed video of a Vauxhall Vectra into X-Type Jaguar video: https://youtu.be/aVFJjT9JLu8

    Currently the itinerary for the day is:

    09.15          Safety Briefing

    09.30          Crash 1Head-on - Both Cars moving at 20 mph

    09.50          Stage Accident - Multiple Collisions to demonstrate different mark types

    10.30          Crash 2Head-on - Police Car into Police Car at 30 mph

    10.50          Lecture Room“Continual Professional Development and the introduction of the Certificate of Professional Competence” – Mr J Keenan Chairman of ITAI

    11.30          Crash 3T-bone - Ambulance into Car

    11.50          Lecture Room - “How Safe are Electric Vehicles” – Mr P Mitchell – Delphi Technologies

    12.30          Crash 4Head-on – Police Car into Police Car at 50 mph

    12.50          Lecture Room Mr M Rowe – Leica-Geosystems

    13.30          Crash 5T-bone – Ambulance into Ambulance

    13.50          Lecture Room - Digital Photography for Forensic Collision Investigators - an overview! – Mr A Sinfield – CameraCal

    14.30          Crash 6T-Bone - Police Car into Police Car at 30 mph

    14.50          Lecture Room - Details to follow

    15.30          Crash 7T-bone - Police Car into Police Car at 50 mph

    16.00          Crash 8Lamppost Collision – Car into Lamp Post

    16.30          Crash 9 Shunt Impact – Bullet Car into 2 static vehicles at 60 mph

    • 13 Jul 2022
    • 10:00
    • Online, via Zoom

    TRL have been appointed by the Department for Transport (DfT) to offer assistance to Police forces who are required to investigate incidents in which vehicles with automated systems are involved.  This includes systems where the driver is expected to retain overall command of the vehicle such as Tesla Autopilot, as well as any vehicles approved under the Government’s Automated and Electric Vehicle Act and test vehicles in operation on the UK’s roads (of which there are multiple industry and research trials).   This seminar will discuss key objectives for investigations involving vehicles with highly automated driver assistance or automated driving capabilities.  This may include establishing whether a highly automated driver assistance system was being used by a driver at the time of an incident, however, where driver assistance systems are used a driver will always retain responsibility for the safe operation of a vehicle.  Where a fully automated system is in full legal control of a vehicle the question of responsibility for breaches of the law and negligence fall towards entities such as the manufacturer, the automated control system developer, the operator, the vehicle maintaining agent, etc.   The seminar will explore the core questions relevant to such investigations with a view to enabling investigators to take a structured approach to the investigation of automated collisions and to share experiences of UK based and international investigations. 

    This webinar will be presented by Iwan Parry. Iwan is a Principal Consultant at TRL, he is an accomplished technical expert with over 25 years’ experience in road traffic incident investigation, road safety engineering, road safety research and ‘new’ mobility innovation. Iwan’s role at TRL involves providing consultancy advice in collision investigation and conducting research into emerging topics in collision investigation. He is an experienced expert witness having investigated several hundred cases, providing written and verbal evidence in respect of these investigations. From the early 2000’s Iwan led TRL’s work in the use of computer simulation and visualisation in road traffic accident investigation which resulted in the first uses of collision simulation in the UK’s Courts. Iwan has engaged with several innovative fields within the insurance, automotive and mobility sectors including the development and testing of road user risk and collision detection algorithms used by telematics devices, the development and delivery of connected and automated vehicles research programmes and creating the technical vision for TRL’s connected and automated mobility test-bed, the Smart Mobility Living Lab: London.

    • 18 Jul 2022
    • 09:00
    • 22 Jul 2022
    • 17:00
    • Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters, Saunders Lane, Hutton, Preston, PR4 5SA, UK *OR* Zoom

    The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators announce the provision of a training course in Advanced Analysis of Drivers’ Responses (Human Factors in Traffic Crashes), Presented by: Dr Jeffrey W. Muttart & Swaroop Dinekar.

    To be held between 18th to 22nd July 2022, 09:00 to 17:00 BST [please ignore any error in the automated emails where the time might be shown as being in a different zoneat Lancashire Police HQ, Preston, UK. As well as attending the course in person it will be presented also as an online "webinar" using he 'Zoom' platform.

    This five-day training course will include training in various topics relative to human factors, including but not restricted to:

    • Perception-Response time
    • Response to slow-moving or stopped vehicles on multilane high speed roads
    • Night-time recognition
    • Drivers’ decision making

    Interactive driver research in the areas of: speed choice (speed reduction) due to various influences/conditions; gap acceptance; pedestrian walking speeds; acceleration; forward and backward acceleration of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles; driver’s responses to green and amber traffic signals

    The students will receive five full days’ training and their knowledge will be tested at the end of the course. Students will be accredited with their attendance and the course will attract a minimum of 30 hours CPD.

    Please note the fees DO NOT include accomodation, these can be found in the local area but if you need assistance in finding a suitable hotel please contact gensec@itai.org. Fees do include lunch and coffee's.

    Charges cover training for the five days; a copy of the latest version of Dr Muttart’s reference book ‘Drivers’ Responses in Emergency Situations’ and use of the IDRR programme for 3 months.

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