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8th International Conference held at Watford – November 2007

1Reconstruction of Multi Vehicle Collisions on Highways and in Highway Tunnels: Combining Forensic Evidence Examination, 3D-Scanning and 3D-Photogrammetry and Numerical Accident Reconstruction MethodsJ Arnold
2An Introduction to Digital Photography for Collision InvestigatorsA Sinfield
3Reconstruction of a Rollover Ejection Case Using Vehicle Dynamics and Occupant Simulation with Human Body ModelsM Brown, M Jones & A Hamilton
4Braking and Manoeuvring Characteristics of Incorrectly Inflated Low-Profile and Run-Flat TyresC Grover, R F Lambourn, T L Smith & L Waller
5Using Restitution in Collision Impact AnalysisC Marks
6Expert Witness TrainingM Solon
7Eyewitness Testimony, the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly: Can Improving Our Reporting Improve the Quality of the Testimony?K Jackson & M Langham
8Analysis of Driver Attitudes and Behaviour in Road Traffic Accident InvestigationL Dorn
9Vehicle Tracking & Vehicle CCTVI Hodges
10Investigating Fraud ‘2007’D F P Harris
11Accident Reconstruction by the Visual Comparison with Crash TestsW Kalthoff
12Coincidence – the Absolute Certainty when Collisions OccurC Marks
13The Effects of Mobile Phone Use While DrivingG Hole, G Briggs & M Land
14Digital TachographsK Lloyd
15Changes in Braking Deceleration and Driving Behaviour of Heavily Loaded Delivery VansM Weber
16Slippery when Dry? The Truth (and the Friction) Behind the Dry Frictional Properties of Negative Textured Bituminous Road SurfacesJ C Bullas

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