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Free Webinar - A practical system for comparing E- Scooter behaviour with Bicycles in similar scenarios

  • 2 Nov 2022
  • 11:30
  • Online, via Zoom


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This webinar will be given by Dennis Ramón Lahmer

It’s been a while since he started his studies back in the autumn of 2009. Since he started out more than 13 years ago, he found his true calling in analysing and researching road safety issues, with a keen interest in vulnerable road users. Some (maybe only a few) may recall his bachelor’s thesis presented at the EVU in Edinburgh in 2015 regarding passing distances between overtaking vehicles and cyclists depending on various parameters. As of June 22, he has stepped up from working as a student assistant to working as a full-time engineer at Unfallanalyse Berlin (although his Master’s thesis is still in the making).


In his first presentation for ITAI, Ramón will introduce a two-wheel crash test system, which some attendees may recall from past EVU articles.

The topic of E-Scooters has increased in interest over the past years, and the test setup which was originally designed for bicycle testing was adapted to allow for tests with E-Scooters. First insights regarding their behaviour in accidents was gained by crashing a moving E-Scooter into a static car and comparing the damage with the same scenario using a bicycle. The test setup allows for reproducible findings and has allowed the comparison of the damage occurring in various scenarios. Misuse cases where the scooter was occupied by two riders have also been examined!

The test rig’s special features enable, a realistic movement pattern of the collision partners, to be reliably analysed, as the riders of the two-wheelers remained in a largely upright position at the point of impact and are unhindered by constraints in their movement. While the first tests were carried out with modified scooters before the first E-Scooters were road approved, further tests have now been conducted with commercial E-Scooters. These and additional tests, e. g. door impacts, will be presented. Furthermore, comparative analyses regarding damage patterns and stop positions will also be discussed.

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