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Free Webinar - Injury reconstruction with the new Biofidelic Dummy

  • 18 Jan 2023
  • 11:30 - 12:30
  • Online, via Zoom


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This webinar will be given by Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schimmelpfennig

Peter is an Engineering graduate for automotive technology and the managing partner of CrashTest-Service in Münster, Germany. 


In this presentation for ITAI Peter will be discussing the case of a precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damage or injuries, the biofidelic is used in different fields of accident reconstruction. These biofidelic dummies are constantly being developed in cooperation with the HTW Dresden under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lars Hannawald and Dr Michael Weyde and are produced according to the latest state of art technology in a specially designed dummy manufacture at CTS.

The special characteristics of the Biofidelic dummy, in particular the comparability with the real human being, are a result of the special construction method. All materials used conform in their physical characteristics optimally with that of the “components of the real human being”. Thus, for example, bone density and bone structures resemble in detail those of the human skeleton. Due to the similar body density construction to that of the real human being, collision related damage can be caused, for example, on vehicles much more realistically than previously possible with dummies made of steel or plastics. Furthermore, physicians can now directly relate the real injuries of accident parties involved to those of the damages of the Biofidelic dummy used.

The presentation is about the injury reconstruction with the biofidelic dummy using spectacular examples from the court area, the aerospace application and the application in the military area.

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