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Free Webinar - Study into lane change manoeuvres by cyclists

  • 8 Mar 2023
  • 11:30 - 12:30
  • Online, via Zoom


This webinar will be given by Laura Wittkamp of Ingenieurbüro Schal und Meyer in Lübeck, Germany.


In this presentation for ITAI, Laura will be discussing her initial test work carried out with a group of cyclists performing standard lane change manoeuvres.

During the reconstruction of an accident, it was necessary to illustrate a lane change process of a cyclist in order to understand the course of the accident and to work out whether this accident was avoidable. For this purpose, the duration, length, and trajectory of the cyclist's lane change process were of particular importance. However, whilst the lane change processes of trucks, cars, and motorcycles have been thoroughly investigated and evaluated in current literature, there was little or no research available in relation to this specific area

A test series was created and performed to determine important parameters for lane changing processes of cyclists.

In her presentation, Laura will describe the procedures and processes devised and the methodologies utilised to record the tests from several perspectives; to include evaluation of the point at which the initiated lane change process would be visible to the following road users.

As a result of the experiments, it was possible to identify the trajectory, the average duration, and the length of lane changes of cyclists at a lateral offset of 2 to 3 metres. The tests also provide important parameters for the representation of lane change manoeuvres of cyclists in a distance-time context for future accident analyses.

As the tests were only intended to provide a first insight into the topic of lane changes by cyclists, future tests are also planned for the summer of 2023 together with ITAI. At the end of the webinar, the new series of experiments will be briefly explained.

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