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Free Webinar - The integrity of Video Evidence – Why It Matters!

  • 21 Jun 2023
  • 11:30 - 12:30
  • Online, via Zoom


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This webinar will be given by Mark Crouch of FCIR Ltd, ITAI council member, and Chaiman from 1st June and David Spreadborough from Amped Software.


No one would tamper with evidence.  No one would consciously set out to fundamentally alter a forensic exhibit, changing the exhibit to such a degree that it prevented, or even mislead, an independent examination.  No one would set out and alter the DNA contained within a blood sample, or change the profile of a fingerprint…would they?  What if you were told that many processes, polices and digital multimedia evidence systems do just that, without you realising?  Image integrity is key, and video evidence is far more fragile and susceptible to being handled in a forensically disastrous way, than people often think.  Video evidence, is not simply the images you see,  it is the wealth of digital evidence contained ‘behind’ the images in the metadata. Acquiring incorrectly and handling digital data poorly can lead to the destruction of the forensically fundamental digital evidence contained behind an image.

This webinar is designed to discuss, in layman terms, the risks involved in the improper acquisition of digital data, why handling an exhibit incorrectly can be hugely damaging to the forensic evidence, and what is contained within this digital data. It will discuss why, forensically, adding elements to images (or redactions) and then ‘resaving’ (compressing the video file) causes irrevocable damage to the exhibit. 

With guidance on prevention, this webinar will be of use to practitioners, legal representatives and policymakers alike.

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