10th International Conference held at Leeds UK – October 2011

Paper Author(s)
The Human Controller Paul Olson
Verification of a Crash Back Simulation by Reference to Real
Time Video Footage
Ian White
Introduction To Bayes Theorem Christopher Marks
Application of GPS Data in Collision Reconstruction Daniel Melcher
Driving A Car With A Body Wedged Underneath Richard Lambourn
Falling Asleep At The Wheel Jim horne
Reconstruction of an accidentally video recorded 'accident.' Jörg Arnold
Bayesian networks for hypothesis assessment in road accident
Wojciech Wach
A Review of Speedometers and the Criteria to be considered
Before Accepting ‘Frozen’ Readings and Other Marks
Christopher Goddard & David Price
Vehicle Event Data Recorder Validation: A Case Study 2010 Martin Coyne
Analysis of Traffic Accidents Statistics between Countries of
Different Contents
Nabhan Khatib
An Overview of Traffic Engineering Principles Dave Daubert
The Importance of Holistic Investigation into Fatal and Life-
Threatening Road Traffic Collisions
Alexandra Luck
Braking Deceleration and Starting Acceleration of Modern
Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters
Stephan Schal
Event Data Recording In Europe Ralf-Roland Schmidt-Cotta
The Bosch Collision Data Retrieval Tool A Practical Validation
with a Chrysler 300
Tony Read
Correcting Lens Distortions in Digital Photographs Wolfgang Hugemann