1st International Conference held at Hull – November 1993

1The Spy in the Cab. The Double Agent -  Or is it only the tachograph going round in circles?J Martin
2The Ford Air Bag SystemJ Charles
3Drive and Survive: Photographic EnforcementD Morris & PC K Duncan
4Collision Case StudyD Hance & R Selzer
5CAD Drawing Through to Vitual RealityS T Robinson
6The Influence of Active System on Vehicle SafetyD Burke
7Enhancement of Evidential Video PicturesM Flockhart & B Rey
8Forensic Meteorology - The Use of Weather Data in Traffic Accident CasesJ Greetham
9A Synopsis of Technological Developments to Improve the Restraint of Adult Automotive OccupantsP Longland
10Accident Investigation in General AviationA Simmons
11Front Underrun Guards for Lorries and Handling Test on Four Wheel Drive Multi-Purpose VehiclesB S Riley
12Tyre/Speed - Are they Important?J Manderson