6th International Conference held at Stratford-upon-Avon – September 2003

1Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid ResistanceP Roe
2Surface Scratching the Yields ResultsC Hogg
3Contaminated Road SurfacesH Viner & G Poole
4The Analysis of Video Recordings as an Investigative Tool in Criminal Offences and Road Traffic CollisionsA Wooller
5Determination of Vehicle Speed and Traffic Signal Phasing from CCTV ImagesD Hague & D Compton
6The Benefits and Costs of Road Safety AuditsP Jordan
7Disaster in the Gotthard TunnelJ Arnold
8Accuracy and Precision of EquationsF Navin
9Accuracy of Close Range Photogrammetry in Investigation of Low Speed CollisionsF Coyle, V Toal and D Wood
10ITS and Police Investigations - Do Collision Investigators have a Future?J Hammond & A Rooke
11Primary New Car Assessment ProgrammeI Knight
12Antilock Brake System SimulationJ Canova
13Legal Issues of In-Vehicle TelematicsD Faithful
14Analysis of Real World Pedestrian vs. Vehicle CollisionsJ Field
15Low speed pedestrian versus SUV CollisionsT Stevenson & j Raine
15Case Study - False Claim Against Metropolitan Police/Fraudulent RepairB Shardlow
16Intrusion Resistance Glazing Contribution to Vehicle Occupant SafetyA Hassan
17Frontal Pole Impacts - Calculation of Impact SpeedD Hague & D Disbury
18The Case for Crash Investigation - Child SeatI Paine
19The Risk of Car Occupant Spinal Injury by Crash Type and SeverityR Cuerden
20Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid ResistanceG Owen
21Longitudinal and Lateral Accelerations in Normal DrivingW Hugemann
22Comparison of Measured Lateral Accelerations on Heavy Trucks with Calculated Rollover Threshold Values - An Input to Accident ReconstructionF Wilson
23Articulated Truck RolloverF Navin
24Impact Location Analysis Using Indirect MethodsC Marks
25Contacts Between Passenger Cars Driving in Parallel TrafficM Weber
26Suggested Practices for Estimating Driver Response TimesJ Muttart