8th International Conference held at Watford – November 2007

Paper Title Authors
1 Reconstruction of Multi Vehicle Collisions on Highways and in Highway Tunnels: Combining Forensic Evidence Examination, 3D-Scanning and 3D-Photogrammetry and Numerical Accident Reconstruction Methods J Arnold
2 An Introduction to Digital Photography for Collision Investigators A Sinfield
3 Reconstruction of a Rollover Ejection Case Using Vehicle Dynamics and Occupant Simulation with Human Body Models M Brown, M Jones & A Hamilton
4 Braking and Manoeuvring Characteristics of Incorrectly Inflated Low-Profile and Run-Flat Tyres C Grover, R F Lambourn, T L Smith & L Waller
5 Using Restitution in Collision Impact Analysis C Marks
6 Expert Witness Training M Solon
7 Eyewitness Testimony, the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly: Can Improving Our Reporting Improve the Quality of the Testimony? K Jackson & M Langham
8 Analysis of Driver Attitudes and Behaviour in Road Traffic Accident Investigation L Dorn
9 Vehicle Tracking & Vehicle CCTV I Hodges
10 Investigating Fraud ‘2007’ D F P Harris
11 Accident Reconstruction by the Visual Comparison with Crash Tests W Kalthoff
12 Coincidence – the Absolute Certainty when Collisions Occur C Marks
13 The Effects of Mobile Phone Use While Driving G Hole, G Briggs & M Land
14 Digital Tachographs K Lloyd
15 Changes in Braking Deceleration and Driving Behaviour of Heavily Loaded Delivery Vans M Weber
16 Slippery when Dry? The Truth (and the Friction) Behind the Dry Frictional Properties of Negative Textured Bituminous Road Surfaces J C Bullas